New York's Online Sports Betting Market Flourishes in April
In April, the bustling activity in New York's online sports betting landscape was clearly evident as players placed bets totaling an impressive $1.96 billion. This figure isn't just a standalone statistic; it marks a significant jump of 27.3% from the same period the previous year and a 6.0% increase from March's figures. Such a month-over-month growth is a testament to the increasing popularity and engagement in sports betting within the state.

Gross Gaming Revenue Sees Significant Uptick

The revenue from this sector tells an equally compelling story. In April, the market's gross gaming revenue reached $183.8 million, showcasing a robust increase of 32.4% compared to April of the previous year, and a notable 21.2% hike from the $151.7 million recorded in March. These figures underscore the healthy state of New York's betting market and its upward trajectory in profitability. To put this into perspective, January set a remarkable precedent with a record monthly revenue of $211.5 million, while November 2023 saw the highest betting handle, peaking at $2.11 billion. These milestones highlight the dynamic and flourishing nature of the online sports betting scene in New York.

Leading Operators Dominate the Market

Delving deeper into the market dynamics, FanDuel emerges as a titan, earning $91.0 million from a sizable $780.5 million betting handle in April alone. Close on its heels, DraftKings secured $63.2 million in revenue from a substantial $737.0 million handle, signaling robust competition among the top operators. Caesars wasn't far behind, amassing $10.4 million in revenue from $158.8 million in bets. BetMGM and Fanatics also carved out significant niches for themselves, with revenues of $9.1 million and $5.6 million, respectively. Meanwhile, Rush Street Interactive and Resorts World marked their presence with $3.3 million and $616,681 in earnings, leaving BallyBet and Wynn Interactive trailing with smaller figures. These statistics not only showcase the fierce competition among operators but also depict a diverse and vibrant market catering to a wide array of betting enthusiasts.

Contributions to the Economy

Beyond the thrill of the games and the winnings of the bettors, New York's online sports betting market plays a pivotal role in the state's economy. It contributes more than 37.0% of the US sports betting tax revenue, a significant chunk that underscores its leading position in the nation. In the third quarter of 2023, New York accentuated this contribution by adding $188.5 million in sports betting tax and gross receipts, thanks to the state's tax rate of 51% on gross gambling revenue. This considerable contribution reflects not only on the vibrancy and success of the sports betting market but also on its importance as a source of revenue for the state.


The trajectory of New York's online sports betting market is one of rapid growth and significant economic contribution. From the astounding betting handles to the noteworthy revenues generated, it's clear that this market is not just about the bets placed but also about the broader economic impacts. With a leading market position in the US and a future that seems to promise even more achievements, New York's online sports betting landscape is a testament to the state's capacity for embracing and maximizing the potentials of modern gaming. As it attracts myriad players—both bettors and operators alike—the state's market is poised for further expansion, promising exciting opportunities and contributions to New York's economy.